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Bad Breath: Causes And Cures

Bad breath is an embarrassing condition that is referred to as halitosis. Halitosis comes from the Latin "halitus" for "breath" and the Greek "osis", referring to a medical condition. So, the definition of halitosis is bad or foul-smelling breath. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they have halitosis and they may not realize it until a loved one points it out.

The causes of halitosis vary from simply eating strong-smelling foods, such as foods with garlic or onion, to an underlying dental or medical condition.

Most causes of halitosis are in the mouth, rather than an indication of a gastrological problem. Foods such as onions, garlic, fish, meat and cheese can cause bad breath. So can smoking. Poor brushing and flossing habits and not cleaning dentures properly can cause odor. Brushing and using mouthwash usually cures the problem.

However, the tongue is a breeding ground for the bacteria that cause mouth odor. Swishing with mouth-wash won't debride the layer of old skin cells on the tongue that house this bacteria. The method for how to get rid of this bacteria is to use products such as toothbrushes and tongue to scrape off that layer of cells on the tongue.

If you are seeking a cure for chronic halitosis, it's always best to get an appointment with your doctor or dentist and ask for their professional diagnosis and recommended treatment. Some of the possible causes of halitosis include having xerostomia or dry mouth, periodontal disease, a sinus infection, a hiatal hernia and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Other systemic diseases that can have symptoms including halitosis are liver failure, infections in the lower respiratory tract, renal infection or renal failure, carcinoma, diabetes, or a metabolic dysfunction.

Most remedies for halitosis start with proper oral care, which is important to begin in children. At regular dental cleanings, your hygienist can scrape off the plaque build-up that leads to odor. At home, teach kids to brush and floss their teeth and use a tongue scraper daily. Your dentist may also recommend specific mouthwashes or rinses to use at home.

Other products you might use at home include zinc, chlorhexidine and essential oils. Check the labels carefully for how to use these products, as they are not meant to be swallowed and some essential oils are not approved for oral use.

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Zinc and Its Role in Halitosis

By Troy A Shanks
Is there an interconnection amongst zinc and the smelly breath? Maybe you have observed that a lot of mouthwashes as well as other bad breath treatments available on the market consist of zinc, even many of the most well-known manufacturer names, suggesting that people have noted for quite a long time that zinc may help in prolonged situations of "yuck mouth". It is correct that zinc is a vital trace component recognized for its part in development, immunity and restorative healing. Remember that it is integrated into nutritional supplements and skin lotions and creams for quite some time.

How to Cure Bad Breath in Your Cat

By Kat Bartone
Does your cat suffer from bad breath? Here are the steps you should take to restore your cat's oral health.

Tips on How to Overcome Bad Breath

By Mohamad Ali
Bad breath or halitosis is an internal disorder which can be diagnosed by a proper examination. Halitosis is also the term used to describe mouth and throat odor due to vomiting. Odors include the smell of rotting eggs, an ammonia smell as in severe kidney failure or the sweet fruity smell in diabetic ketoacidosis. Odor-causing bacteria thrive on these secretions, cause protein breakdown and produce volatile sulfur compounds which account for the bad breath. Bad breath can be very embarrassing and can cause social, emotional and psychological anxiety in a person.

Halitosis - How to Reduce Bad Breath Naturally

By Jose Bulao
Do you have a problem with bad breath or what is termed in medical language as halitosis? Try this natural solution to this problem. It has worked in our case. It may also work in your case.

Halitosis (Bad Breath) - Vitamin, Herbal and Other Natural Remedies

By Dr Jenny Tylee
Most cases of bad breath are because of the build up of bacteria in the mouth. It can be a symptom of gum disease, nose and throat infections, and digestive problems such as constipation. A diet that is rich in raw fruit and vegetables with plenty of fresh water will assist in improving the digestion. it will also help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Bad breath can also be a part of a detoxification program - the body is releasing toxins from where they have been stored and they are being removed via any available route. This includes the lungs, skin, mucous membranes, saliva and so forth - thus the bad breath.

Bad Breath  Best Toothpaste For Bad Breath  What Causes Halitosis  Best Gum For Bad Breath  Diabetes Bad Breath  Bad Breath From Throat  What Causes Bad Breath In Dogs  Causes Of Bad Breath In Adults  Herbs For Bad Breath  How To Rid Bad Breath  Halitosis Mouthwash
bad breath tips
bad breath tips